Falcon Critical Care Transport sets the standard in CCT and BLS Transportation

Our History

Falcon Critical Care Transport was founded in 1998 by a team of Registered Nurses with extensive experience in critical care, emergency, and trauma ambulance transportation. They recognized the need for improved transportation service for critically ill patients requiring transport to Specialty and Tertiary Care Centers. Guided by this philosophy, Falcon Critical Care Transport was established. Falcon has steadily grown and changed over the past 20 years, yet has continuously strived to maintain its culture of service and commitment to the highest standards of patient care.


Our Mission

Falcon Critical Care Transport is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to all our patients in a safe, mobile environment. We are specialized, caring, and reliable.


Our Principles

Dedication to Team Members

We provide a healthy work environment, competitive compensation and benefits, flexible scheduling so that our team members can pursue further skills and education, and in-house training and advancement. Most of all, we truly care about our team members!


As a new EMT, I found Falcon to be a great place to get started. Working on BLS ambulances with duel EMTs has provided a lot of opportunity for practicing and developing patient assessments and learning basic ambulance operations. I also enjoy working on CCT units, where I am constantly learning as I participate in the care of the critically ill or injured. Management is very gracious and flexible. When I decided to take a paramedic course, they worked around my school schedule, making it possible to do both!
— Emergency Medical Technician, Falcon Ambulance

Dedication to Value

We are always looking to provide the best possible value, especially given today’s fast-moving environment of increasing patient acuity and rapidly changing technology. We provide the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost in the following ways:

Our Process is driven by our philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM); TQM emphasizes continuous, never-ending improvement of all phases of operations. The ongoing, incremental improvements we achieve strengthen our organization each and every day.

Our People are our greatest asset, and developing their commitment has been paramount to our current and future success. 

Our Technology Systems allow us to retrieve accurate information to guide our course of action. These systems allow us to monitor implementation initiatives and daily operations, steering us to successful conclusions and expected outcomes.



Dedication to Customer Service

Our patients, customers, and partners will always come first. Instead of describing on how we achieve excellent customer service; see what our clients have to say:

“They have the attitude, “yes, we can do it,’ and follow through with that consistently, willing to go the extra mile, both literally and with outstanding service, to ensure the patient’s well-being (and have done so for several years). I feel confident asking Falcon for transport due to their reliability and willingness to serve.”
— Transportation Coordinator, Partnership Health Plan of California

“Falcon takes pride in making every call important and will do whatever it takes to make sure the transportation is done right and on time. I would highly recommend Falcon to anyone who needs medical transportation services.”
— Admissions Manager, Vale Healthcare

“Over the past decade, we have noticed that the Falcon RNs have educated our patients during the transport for their upcoming cardiac procedure. Our members have a better understanding and are more prepared for their cardiac procedure. We believe this has had a positive effect on our process of cardiac care. In addition, our nurses receive excellent hand-off reports from Falcon. We look forward to working with Falcon in the future.”
— Assistant Nurse Manager, CPU, Kaiser San Francisco

“Our Experience with Falcon over the last eight years has been very positive. They have been cooperative, and our clinical staff has been satisfied with the quality of their services.”
— Manager, Managed Care NorthBay Healthcare

“Their services are excellent. They are extremely knowledgeable in patient care. They are timely in their arrival. They are courteous in their interactions with staff and patients. I would often hear from patients how the Falcon Crew relaxed them on a ride to a stressful test. The RNs at our Facility had very positive comments about the Falcon Crews. I, on several occasions, accompanied the Falcon RN to assist with a critical patient, and I was very impressed by their expertise and professional skill. I would be happy to discuss the Falcon Ambulance Company further with anyone.”
— Chief of Cardiology, Kaiser Vallejo